Perfect photo

Capturing the perfect photo

Creating a beautiful AI-generated artwork of your pet friend starts with capturing the perfect photo. Here are 7 do's and 5 don'ts to help you take the best shot for Ai Pet Avatar.

  1. Use natural light

    Find well-lit spaces with soft, natural light for the best results.

  2. Make eye contact

    Capture your pet's emotions through clear eye contact with the camera.

  3. Get on their Level

    Kneel to their eye level for a personal and engaging perspective.

  4. Limit distractions

    Opt for a clutter-free background that complements your pet.

  5. Patience is Key

    Take your time to select the perfect shot; patience leads to better results.

  6. Use your pet only

    Keep humans out of the photo to keep the focus on your pet. And make sure there is just one pet in the picture.

  7. Use a 1:1 ratio

    for the perfect picture, we recoomand to use a 1":1 ratio. If you upload any other ratio, your image will be cropped to this ratio which may result into the loss of crucial parts.

  1. No Treats and Toys

    Avoid using treats and toys during the photoshoot to prevent confusion.

  2. Avoid Harsh Light

    Steer clear of harsh, direct sunlight that can create shadows and overexposure.

  3. Don't Rush

    Avoid rushing the photo picking; Ai Pet Avatar is all about the right photo.

  1. Don't crowd the frame

    Avoid overcrowding the frame when capturing your pet. Ensure there is at least 15% free space surrounding your pet on all sides for proper adjustment. Portraits can ignore the free space on the bottom.

  1. No blurred background

    Avoid using a photo with a blurred background. A blurred background will limit the result.

Disclaimer: Our AI-generated pet avatars are creative interpretations that may alter colors, shapes, and other details from your pet's photo. The final result is designed for artistic expression and may not faithfully represent the original image of your pet.