How to make AI generated images of your pets

AI generated images are a super fun way to share your love for your pets. Wether you print them out, share them on social media, or just look at in on your phone, it's fun to imagine what your favourite companion could be in a different universe.

But how does it work?

Well, it's a bit complex... so here's the simple version:

Imagine you have a super-smart robot that has seen millions of pictures of people, animals, places, and things. This robot is like a big sponge that soaks up everything it sees, learning about colors, shapes, and how different things look.

After seeing so many pictures, the robot gets really good at understanding what makes a picture look like a person, a cat, a tree, or anything else. It's like learning a recipe but for creating pictures.

Now, let's say you give this robot a picture of something, like a person. The robot looks at this picture and thinks, "Hmm, I know what people look like because I've seen so many pictures of them."

If you then ask the robot to alter this image, it can do so by using what it has learned. The robot then creates a new picture. If you ask it to make an avatar (which is like a cartoon or a fun version of a person), it uses its knowledge to change the original picture into an avatar. It knows how to make the eyes bigger, the colors brighter, or add funny hats, for example.

The robot makes each new picture a bit different, just like how every drawing you make is a little different. This is because the robot uses its imagination, based on all the pictures it has seen, to make something new and special.

A bit like you would do on a piece of paper yourself.

So, in simple terms, the AI learns from lots of pictures, understands what makes each thing look the way it does, and then uses that knowledge to create new, unique pictures based on what you ask it to make!

And, when done well, you can get really cool results:

How can you get these?

There are a few ways to do this. You've probably heard of software like ChatGPT, DALL-E and Midjourney? Well, these tools allow a someone to make this.

However, these tools require a monthly fee. And, they are not only restricted to making images of animals (or pets). But basically of everything! Here's an image with the prompt:

"A group of miniature elephants, each wearing tiny red bowler hats, are having a tea party on a floating lily pad. Around them, the sky is filled with colorful balloons, each carrying a different type of fruit. In the background, a group of frogs in business suits are having a serious meeting atop a giant watermelon. The scene is set in a surreal landscape where the sun is shaped like a smiling face and the clouds are fluffy cotton candy."

As you can see, the AI is not always so strict. Just like humans, it takes creative liberties. That's why large prompts are often avoided. Or you need a lot of patience to get it just right.

This is a simpeler prompt and look at the results:

"A few small elephants in red hats are having tea on a lily pad. Above them are balloons with fruit. Nearby, frogs in suits meet on a watermelon. The sun smiles and the clouds look like cotton candy."

Closer no? That's how that works. That's also why at, we've set up our prompt relatively short. The AI is pretty good in coming up with creative outcomes as is. Sometimes less is more.

Talking about our prompts...

So what about your pet?

You have three options:

  • You purchase a subscription for this software

  • Using the API when coding

  • Or you find a service like

A subscription to DALL-E (OpenAi) is $140 a year. Midjourney is less, at $96 a year, but it requires a Discord account because it doesn't have an interface (or not a very good one).

If you are a tech savvy person, you can use the API of these tools, or a tool like Dreambooth. But that takes a lot of skill and technical knowledge.

In fact, it's those tools that we use at to generate images for our users. A service like ours was set up for people like you, reading this article. It's perfect for those that just need a few images and want to have some fun.

No annoying subscription or a development degree from MIT to set it all up.

Just instant, quality results!

So if you want to transform your pet into anything you can imagine, go for it!